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 Manufacturing Manager, BonnaVilla
Description: BonnaVilla is seeking an experienced Manufacturing Manager to build and develop management and production teams that strive for continued improvements in all aspects of manufacturing while considering the well-being of Chief Industries, BonnaVilla, and all personnel. In this position, you will set goals and expectations for all Plant employees, making sure they have the training, tools, and equipment to perform at standard levels set by the management team and provide direct supervision of production foreman, master scheduler, receiving, and maintenance.


* Ensures that all production schedules are met in a timely and economical manner.

* Coordinates the efforts of production and supports departments to hold production costs and delays to a minimum.

* Ensures that each department uses its labor resources to the best advantage. This would involve holding overtime to a minimum and placing individuals where their talents could be best utilized.

* Ensures that each department holds scrap levels to a minimum and every effort is made to recycle scrap or obsolete materials.

* Initiates and justifies capital expenditures, and maximizes the rate of return on capital equipment investments.

* Promotes good customer relations and a professional looking operation throughout the plant.

* Develops department supervisors to minimize turnover and takes necessary actions to promote longevity of qualified employees.

* Sets up and enforces housekeeping policies in each department and outside the plant.

* Maintains, upgrades, and enforces safety policies and procedures.

* Helps establish quality policies and procedures, and coordinates the efforts of the various departments and quality control to produce the best possible product.

* Ensures company compliance with all government regulations regarding assigned areas of responsibility.

* Ensures that a proper and effective maintenance program is maintained for plant facilities and equipment.

* Maintains and upgrades an ongoing training program for all new and present employees.

* Prepares budgets and forecasting of labor requirements for the building plant and conformance.

* Assures that all plant personnel are aware of company policies and rules, as well as making sure they are enforced.

* Holds "All Plant" meetings no less than one per month. Meetings will be held to discuss production levels, quality, safety, and any other information pertaining to the effective operation of the plant and the rest of the company.

* Reviews and recommends job class and salary changes within company guidelines and see that all supervisors are aware of these guidelines and follow them.

* Develops good long and short range plans for increasing productivity of hourly and supervisory personnel.

* Aids in research and development projects and make suggestions for improvements in products or reduction in manufacturing or material costs.

* Assures maximum cooperation among the production departments, shipping, scheduling, quality control, materials, engineering, safety, and personnel. This will be accomplished through daily plant staff meetings and any other methods necessary.

* Sees that each person in your responsibility has a well prepared job description, clearly outlining job responsibilities for position, including measurable objectives and methods to measure performance at least once a year.

* Ensures all reviews are completed on time.

* Provides unparalleled personal attention to meeting the needs of our customers.

* Treats all stakeholders with dignity and respect.

* Other duties as assigned.
Qualifications: 5-10 years' management and manufacturing experience. 
Division: BonnaVilla Homes  
Location: Aurora, NE 
Status: Full Time 
How to Apply: Apply online at 
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